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Dr V Parameshvara and Dr (Mrs) Nalini Parameshvara, International Guests to the annual conference of the American Medical Association held in Chicago, USA at Hilton Hotel, 1999

Dr.V.Parameshvara, a  gifted   and  renowned  physician  from  Karnataka, a rare  combination  of  professional excellence  and  high standards  of  medical ethics, has  risen  high  in  the  medical  firmament of   the country and  abroad.

Born  to   Sri. Narasimha  Bhatta Hande  and  Parvathamma  on  8th May  1930 in Vishwanathapura, near   Sringeri ,  in  a scholastic family  of  Kota Brahmins.  Dr. Parameshvara  had  his  early  education in Koppa  and Shimoga  and  medical  education  from  Bangalore ( LMP) and Mysore(M.B.B.S).

He  married  Dr.Nalini  on 8th March  1962 and they  have two sons  and  one daughter.

Graduation photo 1957, Mysore Medical College

Dr. Parameshvara obtained  Membership from  the Royal College  of  Physicians  of  London in  1964. Recognition  came  in  the form  of  Fellowships  from  American College of Cardiology, Royal College of Physicians  of London and Edinburgh, Association of Physicians of India and Cardiological Society of India etc. He  was  medical  Registrar, Birmingham  General  Hospital , U.K.  and  served  in the teaching  faculty  of  Bangalore Medical   College, Karnataka.




Notable contribution  of  Dr..Parameshvara is  the  door  to door  Diabetes Survey of  40,000 people in  Bangalore  ( 1967 –68)  and  a  fifteen year follow up of  diabetic  persons  emerging  from  this  survey. His statistical data on  retinal complications  in  these  cases  was  35%  which was substantiated  to  the point  of  concordance,  by  a  study done 20 years later – UKPDS in  Great  Britain .

Dr. Parameshvara  always  maintained the view that  medical care should be carried  to  the doorsteps  of  the citizen  and    has   successfully    launched scores of    health   checkup   camps  in  both  urban  and     rural  areas  with  ECG,X-ray and Laboratory facilities  and  health education   programmes. He  has written  and published  several  articles  and  booklets on various subjects pertaining  to  public  health.  These  are  distributed free of cost.

He founded  and    served as  Hon. Secretary  of  the Asthma   Research    Society(1975)   which    undertook    extensive     population  and     field survey  to establish  the cause  for  high  prevalence of  bronchial asthma  in  Bangalore .

Dr.Parameshvara  was the driving  force  in starting  the  Sharada Dhanvnatari  Charitable  Hospital  under  the  auspices  of  SAVMSJC  Medical  Foundation  at  Sringeri, of  which  he  is  the  Chairman .  The Sharada Dhanvantari Charitable  Hospital  was  started  in  the  year  1979 and  is  today 150  bed  modern  hospital  with  all  facilities .  This  has been realization  of  Dr. Parameshvara’s  dream  of  taking  expert  medical  facilities to  doorsteps of  the  needy  in  the economically  backward  areas of  Western Ghats.  He  is  the founder Chairman  of  SAVMSJS Scientific  Research  Academy, Sringeri  which  is   involved  in  several social, medical  and  community  research programmes .

Sharada Dhanvantari Charitable Hospital, Sringeri

Dr. Parameshvara  was  the first to moot  the idea  of   establishment  of  medical  colleges  at  district  levels  and  rural areas and sought   the permission  of  Government  of  Karnataka  to start  a  rural  medical  college  in Sringeri in 1975 .

He  established  the  Dr.V.Parameshvara Charitable Trust  in  the  year  1980 to promote  education  and  research  in  medical  sciences  and  to provide medicare  for  the needy.  This  ‘Trust’  has been engaged   in helping  the poor and  aged, offering  scholarships  and  stipends  to  students, funding medical  research , conducting free  medical camps  and  also providing  relief  to victims  of   natural calamities  as well  as  promoting  cultural  and  educational standards.  The ‘Trust’  has  published several  monographs to educate  the  public  in  matters concerning  health  and  major  diseases and  sponsored  several scientific activities .

Visualising  the  importance  of  reviving  the knowledge  of  ancient system  of Indian Medicine for modern generation and posterity, he initiated and sponsored the Encyclopaedia of Indian Medicine in six volumes-a compedium edited by Vidyalankara  Prof.S.K.Ramachandra Rao. This mammoth treatise was undertaken by Dr.V.Parameshvara Charitable Trust. This enthused the planning commission,Government of India to initiate the establishment of a third department ‘AYUSH’ in Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Professional attainments  : As  national  President  of  Indian  Medical Association  1985 – 86,  he  was  instrumental  in  implementation  of  Mass  Immunization of  Children  in conjunction  with  Ministry of  Health  and  Family  Welfare , Government  of  India and  UNICEF as  an  ongoing  programme – the first  big piece  of  Global Child  Survival . He convinced  the Government  of  India  to  involve  private medical  practitioners  in  child  immunization programme,  ensuring  that the  required  vaccines  ( DPT, Polio and Measles)  were made available  for  them  free  of  cost.

As  National President  of  Association of  Physicians  of  India (API)  1988 –89 , excerpts  from  his  presidential  address are cited  in  a  land   mark judgement  of  the Honourable  Justices, Kuldip Singh and R.M.Sahai  delivered  on  30
th July  1992  in  the  matter  of  Miss . Mohani  Jain v/s State  of  Karnataka.

During  his tenure  as  Dean  of  Indian College  of  Physicians (API) 1994-96, he enriched  academic activities  of   the College with  special emphasis  on  sponsored  training  programmes  and  continuing  medical  education  programmes  for physicians  and by publication  of  ‘ Technical  Series ‘  on  subjects  of  topical  interest  like  malaria tuberculosis  etc.


As  President of  Indian Society of  Hypertension, Dr. Parameshvara  organized  the first  National  Conference  on  Hypertension  and sought  to   bring  about  public awareness  and  prevention  of  high blood  pressure,  the biggest ‘ silent  killer’  of  mankind.

During   his  tenure as President of  Indian Society of  Electrocardiology he has organized Update in Electrocardiology  and  National Seminar on Electrocardiology .

As  a delegate of  Indian Medical Association Dr.Parameshvara effectively tabled the Statement  on  “ Professional Responsibility for   Standards  of  Medical  Care”  as a measure  against  the inclusion of  the medical  profession  in  the  Indian Consumer Protection Act at  the  World Medical Association ( WMA) .


Few Samples of Publications of WMA

Inaugural function in the presence of King Ferdinand and Queen Juliana in first row (extreme left) of the WMA General Assembly at Stockholm 1994








First National Conference of IMA College of General Practitioners, Bangalore

He  is     the   former    editor  of    Karnataka    Medical  Journal, member of editorial  and  advisory  board  of  Indian  Heart  Journal  and  Journal of  Association    of    Physicians  of    India , Physicians Update  etc. He  has  to his credit  several  scientific  papers  published  in  national  and  international journals , array of orations  and guest  lectures  across  the length  and breadth  of  the country, contributor  of  medical scientific articles  to  medical  books.  Many  of  his publications  such as  on  GATT, Medical Ethics,  Doctors  and  Torture,  Rights  of  the Unborn  and  on  Heart  Diseases  have  drawn  the attention  of  the  world  medical community .  A  popular  and  erudite   teacher, he  is  the  Honorary  Professor  of  IMA  College  of  General  Practitioners.







Dr V.Parameshvara  started Bangalore ‘IMA Bulletin/IMA News’  in  1980(January) when he was President of  IMA   Bangalore branch and he founded  the  ‘IMA  Focus’ in 1982(July) as   media  of  communication  and  to voice  health policies.


As  President of Medical Associations at  the   State and  National  level, he was the first  to  make  the medical  organizations  and State  and  Central Governments  to work   with  cooperation  and  in   unison .


Ms Prema Cariappa, Mayor of B M P Inaugurating the Sharada Dhanvantari Heamodialysis Centre

Dr. Parameshvara’s  concern  for  patients  with  terminal renal failure  made  him  establish  the Sharada Dhanvantari  Charitable Haemodialysis  Centre  in  Bangalore    ( May 2001), which provides  home  haemodialysis  under expert care. Nearly  a  lakh of haemodialysis have been conducted  so  far. This Centre  has served  as  a benchmark  for several similar institutions.


Dr V Parameshvara with Prema Cariappa, Mayor of Bangalore at SDHC









Dr.Parameshvara  is  the editor   of  book  on   Medical  Emergencies;  Post graduate Medicine   Vol.  II    APICON 1988, (Pune).


Dr.Parameshvara  is  much  sought  after  speaker by  scientific forums and public platforms .  His compassion , clinical acumen , medical ethics and pervasive  popularity  has made  him an iconic  role  model .

Dr. Parameshvara has been the recipient  of  the Karnataka Rajyostava Award(1985), Dr.B.C.Roy  National Award(1st July 1992) and recognitions by professional bodies and institutions  as well  as  public  organisations.






















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